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    What is appro?

    Apply only once on APPRO we will get you the best approved offers from multiple banks... No paperwork no hassle.... It only takes 5 minutes to apply.

    Why choose appro?

    Offers from “multiple” banks in 24 hours

    5 minute application process

    Get the Best deal from the market

    What products appro helps you avail?

    Credit Card

    Get the best suitable credit card as per the benefits selected.


    Personal Loan

    Fulfill your need of cash through approved offers from multiple banks


    Mortgage Loan

    Get the best deal for the biggest purchase of your life!


    Auto Loan

    Finance your dream car with the best offers!


    Get personalized offers within 24 hours

    As simple as selecting benefits, filling in details, and within 24 hours, banks will provide you personalized offers!

    Quick and efficient application process

    No hassel of paperwork, lengthy data entry, or waiting for application processing.

    We at Appro are dedicated to providing the best results for our clients when they are looking for retail banking products. Which is why we have created a digital powerhouse that simplifies the on-boarding journey in retail banking for customers looking for the best fit product suiting their needs by providing them with a quick and easy application process and fast results from various banks and lenders. 

    Appro UAE offers quick and simple application process. Instead of submitting multiple applications to each bank, you can apply for a personal loan or credit card online in just five minutes. APPRO will then provide you, within 24 hours, with multiple offer options from different banks, so that you can choose the best offer for you.