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Apply for a Credit Cards
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Credit cards make life easier in many ways. What’s more they frequently come with perks and benefits that can save you substantial money. However, searching for the right credit card for you can be stressful and confusing with banks offering an ever-growing...

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Credit cards make life easier in many ways. They are safer to use than cash, a great tool to build credit and can even help in repaying existing debt. What’s more they frequently come with perks and benefits that can save you substantial money. However, searching for the right credit card for you can be stressful and confusing with banks offering an ever-growing array of credit card features and options.

With APPRO finding the credit card that befits your priorities is just a click away. All you have to do is fill out your application, filter according to the benefits and rewards you would like to have and leave the rest to us!
From interest rates to annual fees, cash back deals, air miles and discounts, APPRO provides you with multiple offers from various lenders allowing you to compare features and benefits and choose the best credit card for your needs and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use a cash back credit card ?

You should use a cashback credit card if you enjoy earning rewards and benefits, but not just any rewards. As the name suggests, cashback cards are among the most popular types of credit cards because they offer generous rewards (cash, travel miles or points) as long as you make purchases using the card. This means that if you choose to use your cashback credit card for everyday expenses such as food, gas and entertainment, it’s likely to provide some really great value over time. You will also have access to additional features and benefits offered by our partner issuers. By choosing these cashback credit cards, you can reduce your debt and save money on interest rates for certain purchases.

Who needs to apply for a balance transfer credit card?

A balance transfer credit card is for anybody who has an existing credit card, and has a high interest rate that they want to reduce. This can be helpful with consolidating debt and reducing your monthly expenses. Balance transfer credit cards are a great way to consolidate debt by transferring balances from multiple credit cards to one. These cards typically come with a zero or low interest rate for a set period of time, which helps you pay down your debt faster while saving on interest charges.

What are the best ways to use reward credit cards?

You can use reward credit cards to earn points, miles and cash back on all of your purchases. The best ways to use rewards credit cards is to think about what you would spend your rewards on, and then use the card that offers the best bonus point, mile or cash back rate for those purchases. For example, if you wanted to go on a vacation using airline miles you could sign up for a card that offers bonus points for travel expenses and spend money on flights and hotels with it.

Should I pay minimum due or the total outstanding balance of credit card

It is always recommended to pay the full outstanding balance of a credit card. However, if you can’t do that then minimum due (the sum of interest, fees and minimum balance) is the next best thing. You can pay the minimum due, but you will be charged interest on all outstanding balances. If you choose to pay the full balance and your credit card statement has a zero balance, you won’t have to pay any interest charges that month.

Why do I need Credit card insurance ?

With Credit Card Insurance, you can rest easy knowing that your card is protected by comprehensive financial and travel insurance that includes everything from lost property to medical bills to hotel stays.

Add peace of mind by purchasing credit card insurance, which augments the value of your credit card account and may be used to pay for certain expenses incurred due to the loss or theft of a card.

Credit Card Insurance is designed to protect you when something unexpected happens. With this credit card insurance at the customer’s disposal, it can be used to cover some of your outstanding balance if your item is lost or stolen, or for non-approved medical expenses.

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